KPC Art Finance

Minimize uncertainty and risk, whether selling privately or at auction.
Learn more about KPC Art Finance innovative strategies and financial services.
Total access to liquidity for the art world.
KPC Art Finance arranges interim non-recourse art loans at competitive rates to both purchasers and sellers of fine art who wish to obtain liquidity.
Purchase, placement, and financing for collections and individual works of art.
KPC Art Finance unique expertise, sophisticated knowledge, and breadth of relationships with collectors, dealers, museum curators, and financial institutions.
Secure short-term financing or an advance on the sale of an individual work of art or an entire collection. Learn more about how KPC Art Finance may be of service to your next art transaction.

KPC Art Finance is an art finance advisory firm possessing a partnership with a capital provider in the art world. Their unprecedented experience allows us to be your adviser and advocate, tailoring services to fit your personal and financial objectives

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